Theophilus London-Rio ft. The Menahan Street Band

theophilus london
This song sounds like this picture looks. It’s incredibly summery, light and yet with a sense of restrained cool that makes it perfect for a warm evening on the beach. Of course, very few of our readers live in Rio (hello to those who do!), so the rest of us will have to make do with giving this one a spin at those summer BBQs and on the sunny day drives. Ray Bans are mandatory.

The band accompanying TL offer a lovely range of instrumentation, from both traditional, tribal-style drums to a more modern variant, and on top of that is a nice blend of synth, gentle electronic samples and soft, drifty vocal contributions that coat the song in a retro vibe, and are essential in setting the mellow mood. It really is a masterclass of easygoing soundscape creation, and TL’s vocal and lyrical contribution helps to narrow that vibe down into the Rio beach feel, with his harmonic delivery (quite rare to hear him go with 100% singing) and geographically-centred lyrics making for a mellow and positive listen throughout. I can’t get enough of this now, so I dread to think how heavily it’ll get overplayed this summer. Hits iTunes on 16th April.

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