The xx-Together

Baz Lurhmann’s upcoming The Great Gatsby film has a phenomenal list of artists contributing to its soundtrack, and among them are Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Beyonce, Jack White, and The xx, who’ve contributed this gem to the OST.

The haunting, atmospheric sounds are right out of their debut album’s playbook, with particular trademarks being the track’s most mellow points exuding a dark, moody vibe, and the relative lack of a synthesised high point; the latter was a key feature of several tracks on their sophomore Coexist album, and hence its lack of presence here is notable. With that said, the inclusion of strings towards the end adds even further depth to their innately-cinematic work, and as far as I’m aware, it’s the first time the band have thrown in such a foreground use of strings. It’s very effective for sure, and certainly brings the track closer to ‘classic film score’ style, with its addition making for a strong climax to a slow-building track.

The vocal work is, once again, thoroughly excellent. This darker style tends to suit Oliver Sim’s voice slightly better, with the natural gravity of his voice blending well with the production, and though that’s a synergy that comes off well here, Romy’s brighter performance makes for a very likeable contrast to the otherwise sombre soundscape. Look out for this on the aforementioned soundtrack, scheduled for release on 7th May.

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