The-Dream-Slow It Down ft. Fabolous (Video)

I referred to this single as ‘solid’ in a previous post, and truthfully that stance hasn’t changed. The-Dream’s a great artist, there’s no doubt about that, but thus far his releases from the upcoming IV Play album haven’t inspired confidence. Apparently, I’m not alone either, with the LP’s release being pushed back to 28th May.

In a currently desolate R&B scene, there’s admittedly room for average songs to be heralded as far greater than they are, but even then this track just doesn’t move out of mediocrity. With that said, Dream’s lead singles have rarely been highlights of his albums, so I’ll let this slide (and buy the album anyway), and at least the video is a good watch. Brighter and both more colourful and positive than previous releases, some might find it doesn’t quite suit the slow jam style of the audio, but it’s a fresh and modern take on that track type which helps bring out the more upbeat elements in both the vocals and production. It’s an easy watch and certainly a contender for mainstream favouritism though, and it’s difficult to want much more than that from a lead single.

Plus, the album is rumoured to feature Jay-Z, Beyonce, Big Sean and more, so there’s clearly better to come…

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