T.I.-Memories Back Then ft. Kris Stephens, B.o.B and Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Some may remember this track from the tailend of last year, released as a cut from Tip’s Trouble Man album due to sample clearance issues. It’s now found a more permanent home on the upcoming Hustle Gang: G.D.O.D. (Get Dough or Die), a forthcoming release set to showcase T.I.’s Grand Hustle signees.

It was a fairly impressive listen on its initial release, and this retooled version of the audio only serves to enhance that. The essentials of the audio are in place, with Kris’ soft vocals and the relatively gentle production tempering the storytelling style of each MC’s work, whilst their verses are still lyrically commendable.

The video isn’t particularly complicated, and as far as mainstream acceptance goes, it should do well. Each rapper is set amongst open landscapes, enhancing the retrospective and thoughtful nature of their raps, whilst the flashback scenes play on the context of their lyricism well enough without being too obvious or attempting to add any additional layers. There isn’t much more going on, but it’s a solid accompaniment to an admirably introspective mainstream hip-hop effort, which is available on iTunes now (US only, expect the UK release in the coming days).

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