Said The Whale-I Love You

A great slice of upbeat indie from the critically-adored Canadian 5-piece, taken from their upcoming I Love You EP, due on 18th June.

There are a great deal of influences in here, from late-90s punk and British indie through to modern-day pop, with the product ending up as a ridiculously infectious and altogether positive soundscape. The instrumentation has two distinct segments, with chunky, bassy verses of thick guitar strums and looped percussion creating a relatively calm effect that’s clearly building towards something; that happens to be the hook, which amps pretty much everything up, with a sharp jump in tempo, instrumental intensity across the board, and punchier vocals that all combine for a memorable chorus. It’s unquestionably the track’s highlight and key anchor point, and rightfully so, given the sheer passion and energy emanating from the song’s every pore during those short bursts, and the extended version of the hook is a fitting way to close the track out.

For a simple lyric video, it’s quite a fun watch too. Most of the work is done by the ever-changing backgrounds, which move in accordance with the music’s various transitions and changes, and hence it’s a nice visual accompaniment without being distracting. You can download it now, courtesy of the kind folk at COS.

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