Ryan McDermott-Joy ft. Hit-Boy (Video)

Since the release of this track, it’s been a permanent fixture in pretty much every playlist I use, and unquestionably it’s one that demonstrates why Kanye West saw fit to bring him on as a G.O.O.D. Music member (and also justifies his pick on my 13 for ’13).

As an extremely versatile track in terms of ideal listening environment, the direction of the video was rather flexible, and Ryan’s managed to pick a good direction for it. The production lends itself to a summery environment, and that’s provided throughout this clip, with plenty of ocean views, sandy beaches and a general brightness that captures the warmth of the track, whilst the emotional vocals and lyrics are visualised in the young child’s search and journey through several terrains. What’s notable is there’s a slight tempering of the video throughout, via both the hazy filter and relative lack of activity (in terms of ‘summer enjoyment’), and that culminates in the somewhat ambiguous and bittersweet ending. It’s a nice representation of the audio in terms of scenery, whilst the actions within add a different layer of depth to the vocal and lyrical work. A good watch, and hopefully a breakout single for Ryan.

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