RDGLDGRN, Pharrell and Dave Grohl In The Studio (Video)

In the near-4 year history of this site, I have never felt more personal pride about an act we’ve worked with as I have with these guys. Having supported them since our birth, I daresay we’ve become friends over the years, and that goes beyond common interests-it’s because they’re incredibly gifted, and have the right views and understandings of music. Now, they’re working with the likes of Pharrell and Dave Grohl, two of the most well-known names in worldwide music, and benefitting from global radio play and exposure. It goes to show that the dedication to their craft paid off, and it’s great to see such deserving guys get this kind of buzz.

It’s only the beginning, of course. One look at this video will tell you that they’re destined for even more, with both Grohl and Williams full of genuine praise for the trio, and it’s not only a superb insight into their influential opinions, but also on the collaborative processes that took place and the resulting products. Of course, the latter can be found on their EP, available now on iTunes, and be sure to catch the guys on tour out here in Europe next month.

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