Quadron-Hey Love (Video)

The ever-smooth Quadron come through with visuals for the lead single from the Avalanche album, due on 4th June. This track has grown on me by the day since its release, particularly the addictive hook, and it’s good to get a refresh with this visual.

Speed dating, with a difference. Coco lines up a group of suitors (get it? SUIT? YEAH), and they’re each given the chance to enjoy a little choreography with the wonderfully-gifted vocalist, who proves she’s got moves to add to her vocal capabilities. Truthfully, despite enjoying their music, this is the first video of Quadron’s I’ve watched, and if you’re in the same situation you’ll struggle to not be charmed and captivated by Coco’s fun and charismatic performance throughout here. There are a range of smart costume changes too, for those of you fashion-inclined, adding a good dash of colour and glamour to proceedings each time, and capping off a positive visual that unquestionably improves the song even further. Look out for that album in June, and grab this single now.

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