!!!-One Girl/One Boy

Ever sat down (or stood up) and thought ‘what I really need is a slice of retro-alternative-pop-funk-disco-electro-dance’? Of course you have. Allow me to present the very definition of that ubiquitous term.

Driving this track are bouncy, funk-heavy lead guitars that strut their way through the whole piece, with their charismatic tones marinating the soundscape in a summery addictiveness. That’s built on with short, sharp percussion lines, playful bass plucks, and a nice injection of backing melodies and vocals on the hook to pad that section out. Of course, the lead vocals throughout are enjoyable too, with their own infectiousness giving the somewhat emotionally neutral lyricism a massive jolt of energy and positivity that matches up well to the instrumentation provided. It’s warm, upbeat and in a squeaky-clean package, and should be one you revisit as those afternoon’s get brighter and hotter. Look out for !!!’s (or chk chk chk) album, THR!!!ER, to land on 29th April.

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