MGMT-Alien Days

Released as part of Record Store Day, and also believed to feature on their upcoming album, the unique MGMT return with their first new piece of music in quite some time.

The sheer number of genres blended into here is head-spinning. To name just a couple, there are heavy touches of folk mixed in with retro pop stylings for a psychedelic experience, whilst hints of modern alternative create sharp edges to the sound that grounds the track’s otherwise-trippy nature. Somewhere between the old-school samples, distorted vocals and thick guitar strums lie hefty, pounding percussion thumps, driving through the track at a slow pace that belies the lively melodic layers sitting atop it, and hence that contrast makes for a sligtly disorienting track, but one that gains clarity as it progresses. Worth a listen for the starved MGMT fans, but it might be a bit much for everyone else.

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