MeLo-X-Sweet Bitch (Video)

In the first official visual from MeLo-X’s GOD: LoFi EP, he brings us to East Flatbush, Brooklyn for a traditional Caribbean meal while enjoying his favorite wine “Sweet Bitch”. Looking as though she stepped off the red carpet, a femme fatale stumbles into the restaurant where MeLo-X sits sipping his wine and thinking about the future.

In the last 2-4 months, MeLo is one of few acts keeping me interested in hip-hop. That’s not because he’s a complicated wordsmith, but because his unique method of blending in touches of R&B, soul and more adds a depth that’s keeping his work away from the genre’s general malaise. The GOD:LoFi EP is a great example of what he’s capable of, with smooth sounds grounded in hip-hop sensibilities that give his work plenty of replayability. This track is a prime cut from that mould, with jazzy yet soulful melodies slowly marinating over sharp percussion, whilst MeLo’s speedy flow and semi-passionate delivery coolly contrast that backdrop for an engaging piece.

The clip allows MeLo to step out from behind the boards and enjoy some camera time, which he’s allowed to maximise courtesy of regular, everyday surroundings not deflecting attention away from him. That environment gives the chance encounter with the leading lady much more believability too, and as fantastical as the meeting may seem, it feels rooted in reality thanks to the ambient settings. A good video for an enjoyable audio, grab MeLo’s free EP here.

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