MeLo-X-Girls Love Rihanna

Drake says one thing, MeLo says another. They’re both right, but with markedly different executions.

Sampling parts of the above Drake and James Fauntleroy track, MeLo takes those sections and weaves them into a unique, signficantly more lively version of his own. One aspect MeLo grabs is James’ work on the backing vocals; they go slightly underappreciated in terms of the value they bring to the original, but for the first half of this, they really blossom and give the track a little flash of elegance. In that opening half, MeLo also throws in some lively synths, particularly when switching in a sample of Rihanna’s Diamonds hook, taking the track toward a dance-pop direction befitting the sample and the song’s featured subject (of course, mirroring the R&B style of Drake’s Say My Name sampling version), one which expands into a dominating feature toward the final third. Those soft backing vocals are seemingly stripped away, and in comes a thick, bassy synth to add intensity and drive, without overly compromising the feel of the track. Truthfully, the track survives with or without that addition, but it does make for a logical progression in terms of the way the track evolves over its 3 minute span. A good listen, and worth a go.

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