Matthew Santos-October Falling Demo

matthew santos
This is a studio demo of an older tune that was slated to be released on This Burning Ship of Fools in 2010. Unfortunately it didn’t make the cut.

Both the aforementioned album and the Live In Chicago project were huge favourites of mine a few years back, and this recent release offers a lovely reminder of both albums, whilst being a very good song that would have fit on either project. For longtime fans, it’ll refresh memories of Matthew’s inherently mellow style, with the first half of the song being a masterclass in acoustic work as he harmonises smoothly over soft guitar plucks, and those vocals evolve in intensity to become the tribal chant-esque hook of the track. That progressive approach culminates in a burst of energy for the final quarter, which explodes into life with soaring, emotional work that provides a fitting climax to the track. The instrumentation keeps pace well throughout and demonstrates great versatility, as it switches between the gentle acoustic and the more percussion-heavy style with relative ease, and skilfully blends together what are two relatively distinct styles. Big fan of this, and it’ll undoubtedly get me listening to his back catalogue once more.

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