Kidz In The Hall-Wishful Drinking EP

It’s been years since we heard from this duo, quite literally, as this is their first joint project in around 2 years. Whilst Naledge and Double O have been doing some solid work as solo artists, there’s no denying they’re way better together: their 2008 album The In Crowd was the soundtrack of my summer that year, and whilst the follow-up didn’t quite reach the same heights, there’s no denying they’ve got enough ability and chemistry to deliver the goods once again.

6 tracks on this unexpected EP, with the sole feature being Yonas Michael, and that should be plenty to get old fans reacquainted with the duo, and just enough to give the newcomers a little taste of their work. Fingers crossed that this ends up being another strong release from the duo. You can stream the EP here, or head straight to iTunes and grab the entire project.

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