Kid Cudi-Girls ft. Too $hort

The newest release from Indicud, which recently had its tracklisting revealed, and Cudi’s made this one exclusively available for those who pre-order the LP on iTunes ahead of the album’s 22nd April release date.

It’s going to require a few listens to fully appreciate. There’s a rather offbeat quality to this, with Cudi’s singing/rapping hybrid being delivered at a deliberately inconsistent pace over a repetitive production, and whilst it’s initially disorienting, a couple of listens irons out the creases and makes this likeable fare. The production’s combination of gloomy synths and minimal helpings of percussion makes for dark, moody verses, enhanced by Cudi’s relatively monotonous delivery, before a slight upturn for the verses adds more emotion to Cudi’s vocals and positivity to the production. It’s not single material by any means, but feels as though it’ll be one that works well to maintain a bleak mood, and given Cudi’s penchant for proper album sequencing, that’s likely intentional. Doesn’t seem to have hit iTunes UK yet (tomorrow, I’d guess), but head here to pre-order from iTunes US.

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