Joey Fatts-Choppa ft. A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown

joey fatts
I’m not sure whether he’s actually a member of A$AP Mob or just good friends with them, but once again Joey scores a feature from one of the mob’s members. Danny Brown’s along for the ride too, and with Rocky and Danny on the same track, you’re right to expect plenty of energy.

Whilst there is some, it’s delivered in a darker, more intense package than you’d have predicted. The production’s built on several layers of piercing melodies, creating a depth and aggressiveness about the soundscape that’s only helped by the bass-heavy percussion, whilst the raps are relatively normal mainstream fare. Rocky opens with his typically arrogant style, though the beat’s change-up on his distorted vocal section is a nice highlight, before Danny enters the fray with a stop-start, energetic delivery on the hook (I’ve got no idea what he’s saying, but it’s bloody fun listening). Joey takes on verse duty for the rest of the track, with his deep, laidback delivery working well with the production, and though his verses get a little monotonous, there’s some novelty value in his vocal likeness to a modern-day Havoc. Nothing special, and arguably needed a Danny verse, but worth a listen or two. Stream below, download here.

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