Jessie Ware-Imagine If It Was Us (Video)

Of all the homegrown acts to really make a mark on the UK mainstream scene in the last year or so, Jessie is by far my favourite of the bunch. Whilst my first impressions of her were that she was from somewhere between Sade and something more modern soul, it’s tracks like this that show just how versatile a vocalist she is.

What most impressive here is her ability to completely cap and temper the production. Given the backdrop is lively, full of a classic 90s pop style with a little dash of electro, it’s no mean feat that she manages to infuse the piece with a huge helping of soul, and hence bring it away from being an out-and-out pop track and into something closer to electro soul.

The video fits with that blend of styles, featuring Jessie dressed well in and amongst a set of colourful and unusual characters, and as opposed to most videos dressing their lead in the most outlandish outfit to draw the eye, this works in reverse by allowing her calm amidst the chaos to capture the viewer. It’s nice to see the positive side of her screen presence shine through too, with the performance incorporating both choreography and a little regular, easygoing dancefloor action to keep things relatively believable. Thematically, it’s just a decent night out, but when backed by the great audio it becomes a feelgood, old school-style video that’s a fun and easy watch. Look out for the special edition of Devotion on 15th April.

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