Jay-Z-Open Letter

jay z
You’ll have to forgive me being a couple of days off with this, laptop problems have conspired against me in recent days. Nonetheless, it’s new Hov, and hence it won’t go ignored.

It’s weird how a single holiday to Cuba can spark so much. The lyricism here seems mostly centred around the “controversial” trip undertaken by Jay and Beyonce, with some very smart lines thrown into a rap that essentially pushes back a little on the US government’s policies around interactions with Cuba. Whilst the track comes with a sense of aggrievement at the restrictions, it seems to bring out plenty of creative wordplay from Jay, with line after line of fun lines that’ll have you scrambling for that Rap Genius article. Co-produced by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the beat is relatively easygoing with a little bit of punch, throwing together chunky percussion with flashes of synth, keys and more, with the end result a mellow yet slightly dark production that rides along slowly to give Jay’s raps enough room to breathe. It’s good for a few listens no doubt, and whilst the novelty of the targeted lyrics will wear off soon, it’s good to hear Hov away from the more pop-oriented work.

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