Jai Paul-Jai Paul LP

When Jai broke out with BTSTU (known by mainstream heads for being sampled by Drake on Dreams Money Can Buy), most expected it to be a launchpad to continued success. He’s been somewhat elusive and reclusive since then, but finally re-emerges to drop off his debut LP, featuring the above track alongside 15 new pieces.

For many, myself included, this will be the first lengthy exposure to his material. Whilst I’m sure many dedicates have pieced together his loose releases, remixes and so on, I’ve not quite been as committed in seeking out his material, and hence this should make for a great piece of diverse and eclectic listening; a quick listen suggests there are influences and sounds across the spectrum, including club electro, R&B, Asian, pop, experimental electronica, and more. Whilst there will inevitably be tracks that are a little too leftfield for some, it seems like it’ll be quite difficult to dislike entirely if you’re of an open mind musically, and you can stream or buy the album below. Do both.

EDIT: Jai Paul has confirmed this was actually an unofficial leak, as his laptop was stolen.

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