J. Cole-Cole Summer

cole summer
That title could be rather prophetic. Cole’s recent single is getting all kinds of praise and airplay (helped by this fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the production work), and with the Truly Yours project released just a couple of months ago, his run continues with the announcement that its sequel is due later tonight. Oh, and that’s not to mention his upcoming sophomore album, Born Sinner.

This smooth effort is another great piece of production. He’s clearly a big Lauryn Hill fan having sampled her previously, and he calls on her works again with parts of the beat lifted from Nothing Even Matters. That sped up sample makes for a very easygoing backdrop, and one which allows Cole to come on a more laidback style; his delivery blends well with the production, rolling along with its gentle highs and pillowy lows, and it makes for easy listeing throughout. His mellow style provides the grounded, brutally honest lyricism come with much more relatability and realism too, ending up as a near-conversational style, and whilst it’s not the lyrical or technical classic some constantly demand, it’s smooth rap that works perfectly as a laidback summer track.

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