I Used To Be A Sparrow-Warpaint On Invisible Children (Video)

The Swedish duo amalgamate electronic, indie, rock, pop and punk – they’ve often been compared to Last Days of April and Death Cab For Cutie.. at its very core though it’s just heartfelt and earnest music!

This is one of those rare tracks that somehow takes lively, active sections and wraps them into a fairly reflective and emotional package that shouldn’t work, but does. The opening and first post-hook section are packed with sharp percussion, dominating strums of delayed guitar and a touch of synth, creating a vibe that lands somewhere between atmospheric and intense, whilst the chorus throws in punchy, more jagged guitars to amp up the energy and add more freedom and drive. From here, the instrumentation becomes somewhat freeform, not strictly adhering to the chorus-verse dynamic and instead switching the more piercing guitar in for the final verse, and leaving them off for the final hook; it adds an unpredictably that throws you off slightly, but works well with the emotional, rousing vocal work throughout. Given that vocal work’s relative consistency, the instrumentation provides much-needed diversity in behind it, though admittedly it won’t be an easy listen for many.

The clip is relatively simple, swapping between performance and landscape shots, and coating the whole thing in a misty blue layer that adds to the introspective, atmospheric side of the audiovisual. If you’re into it, head here for the album.

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