Havoc-Life We Chose ft. Lloyd Banks

Having fallen out of love with hip-hop a little (we’ll end up back together, as we always do), it’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of posting some rap with a nice speaker-rattling bang to it.

Cue Mobb Deep’s Havoc, and the latest single from his upcoming 13 album, due on 7th May. The production is going to be a real winner with the hip-hop heads, taking a somewhat grand sample and allowing it to spread through the intro and the hook, whilst distorting it into a darker vibe for the verses. The latter sections also benefit from great percussion, with low, bassy drums that add a ton of power and drive to proceedings, whilst the transitions either side of their introduction help segment the song extremely well. Hav’s verses are as gritty as you’d expect, with his aggressive lyricism being a welcome change from hip-hop’s recent output, whilst Banks is a great fit on this pounding production, with his distinctive tones complementing it well throughout his verse. A good slice of rap for those heads looking for something a little hard to knock in the car, and be sure to check that album out in a few weeks.

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