Harry Fraud-Yacht Lash ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Riff Raff

He’s been one of the go-to producers for several mainstream acts in the last 18 months, and as Harry Fraud prepares to release his High Tide project on 7th May, he enlists Earl and Riff Raff to help out with that project’s latest release.

Remember Goldeneye on the N64? If you remember the second Surface level, this sounds like that looks: dark, wintery and generally pretty cold (minus the threat of unexpected gunfire). The wispy synths spread atmosphere throughout the track at will, whilst their more intense brethren help to create a grim, more eerie vibe that makes for a brooding, slightly unpredictable backdrop. Earl’s got bags of versatility and he takes to this production well, with his deadpan style making for a good complement to that production and allowing his lyrical work to enjoy more spotlighting than his flow. Admittedly, it gets a tad monotonous at points, but it’s not for a lack of synchronicity with the production, and even at its worst it’s significantly better than Riff Raff’s contribution, which seems to come on a much livelier angle that doesn’t ever settle down properly into the beat. All in all, it’s not exactly easy listening, but it’s probably worth it for the Earl fans.

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