Golden Rabbit-I Saw Red (Video)

This video was filmed on an old Flip camera whilst travelling through the January snows from London to Manchester and back through the Midlands. It might be slow paced but the industrial, intimidating power stations and the snow represent struggle and finding strength.

Laidback, bittersweet vibes to accompany you this evening. Backed by little more than slow-paced, gentle strums of guitar, soft synths and not a great deal else, it’s a warming, stripped-back instrumentation for the most part, with a slight increase in intensity towards the end (courtesy of what could be an accordion, though I may be wrong). Golden Rabbit’s vocals are enjoyable throughout, handling the delicate verses with a subtle yet emotional delivery, whilst the occasional passionate flashes help to keep your focus on the lyricism.

We’ve all window-gazed whilst on a long journey, with either the headphones in or the stereo on, and sometimes that tends to create unbreakable bonds between certain pieces and types of scenery and audio. Given that’s also the intention of most music videos, the crossover in this clip is easy to appreciate, and hence whilst this isn’t the most “exciting” thing you’ll see, it is certainly likeable. Worth a listen.

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