Gold Panda-Brazil

Not only did he recently spend time in Brazil, but he tipped me off about this track. What a guy.

After releasing the Trust EP a few months back, he of bear-like appearance is gearing up for the release of his sophomore LP, Half of Where You Live, set to land on 10th June. Unlike his previous electro-heavy works, this is far more rooted in traditional instrumentation, with the first third almost entirely held together with traditional-style percussion and only a light dash of synth. The track progresses with a hypnotising vocal sample and more prominent electronic influences, as distortions and additional samples make their way in, before a brief lull takes place, and finally the track closes with a shrill melody and wind chime-like effects to end with a touch of positivity.

It’s a warm instrumental that weaves near-tribal sounds into a modern electronic piece, and does so without compromising the inherent charisma and familiarity of using traditional instrumentation. Pre-order that album below.

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