Frank Ocean-Lost (Video)

Almost exactly 9 months after Channel Orange‘s release, we get only the second visual treat (technically, as the Thinking About You video got pulled) from the album.

Certainly one of the more upbeat tracks on the LP, it also found favour as one of my favourites, hanging in my playlists to this very day. The video plays on the track’s inherent positivity whilst adding a layer of reflectiveness and insight, with the double vision style representing the dichotomy of Frank’s day-to-day life: being Frank Ocean, and being himself. Generally speaking, one frame appears to show music-related scenes whilst the other focuses on landscapes, travels and his personality, with the two occasionally coming together in what are either arbitrary moments of clarity or meaningful instances of heightened emotion. In all cases, the clips are generally coated in a summer vibe that works well with the warmth of the production and the relative fun of the lyricism, whilst the grainy filter style makes the footage seem that little more personal, adding a sense of intimacy to proceedings.

An enjoyable visual accompaniment to an excellent song, here’s to hoping there’s more new Frank Ocean coming soon.

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