Flying Lotus-SDS Instrumental

flying lotus
A short while back, it was mentioned that Mac Miller had enlisted FlyLo to produce his upcoming single. The prospect sounded interesting, and when the audio did drop, there was mentioned of a video following very soon. So, I figured I’d wait for the video before posting. However, when the video did land, it was simultaneously mentioned that the instrumental would be liberated shortly afterward. So, here we are.

It’s a production that you’d probably instantly recognise as a Flying Lotus piece too: from the scratchy, grainy samples through to the unexpected moments of offbeat momentum dips, it’s a production that typically blends electronic, experimental and alternative in together, and packs them into a coherent sound. It’s eventual hip-hop usage is actually a brave move from Mac, as its the sort of production that’s so well-rounded it dominates the soundscape, filling almost all available gaps and leaving little room for vocals. That’s not to disrespect Mac’s work at all, but as with all of FlyLo’s work, it’s a piece that requires no vocal layer for depth or quality; it’s got that in abundance, and this is a production worth several replays, whether that’s this instrumental version or the original.

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