Empire of the Sun-Alive

ice on the dune
Their highly-anticipated album, Ice on the Dune, lands in June and after teasing us with a cinematic trailer, we get the first full song from the duo’s sophomore LP.

Immediately apparent is the positive, pop-inspired sound that holds this one together, straying slightly further away from their alternative electronic into a more electro-pop territory that makes this a prime contender for radio play in the coming months. The production is built on an ethereal vocal stutter, adding a spaced-out yet upbeat layer to a beat that also encompasses very lively percussion and aestival synths that completely brighten the soundscape. The vocal work is suitably anthemic, with their individual vocal layers seemingly multiplied to recreate the sound of a young persons’ singing group…or alternately, they actually are choir-style vocals. In any case, it creates a feelgood, celebratory vibe to accompany that blindingly-positive production, and hence the package is one that’s not only suited to the time of year (I know, I’ve said that a lot recently), but could potentially be a big mainstream hit for the duo.

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