Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra-Crazy In Love (Cover)

Another one from that huge soundtrack for The Great Gatsby, and a track that arguably got overshadowed by the bigger names listed to appear on that OST.

Bad move to overlook this. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra provide a deliciously unique twist on Beyonce’s solo debut from almost 10 years ago (scary), switching out the high-octane production for bubbly horns, bouncy percussion and a great series of steps and progressions that make it a frighteningly-addictive backdrop. It’s a vintage style done so well that it sounds right out of the 1920′s; Boardwalk Empire fans will find that mental image quite easy to generate. Emeli absolutely plays her part too, delivering soulful vocals that ride along the vivacious horns very well, particularly on the hook where their synchronicity is such that the horns almost feel as though they’re operating in a backing vocal capacity. Her performance errs on the right side of ‘old-school’ without sacrificing the innate youthfulness of her voice, which does add a welcomed touch of modernism to the otherwise throwback track. A hugely fun listen, and yet another reason to grab that soundtrack when it arrives on 7th May.

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