Drake-Girls Love Beyonce ft. James Fauntleroy

drake beyonce
If the earlier release had under-21s (and over-21s, let’s be honest) stroking their Drake poster, this one might provoke a slightly more pronounced reaction. I’ll stop there as I know there are folks under 18 that’ll be reading this, but the rest of you know where I was going with that.

Drake’s penchant for old-school R&B is no secret, with several odes and references to the genre across his career, and here he (sort of) remakes Say My Name, with the aid of the ever-excellent James Fauntleroy. Of course, it’s not exactly meant to replace the original, but instead comes across as a bit of fun and a semi-return to the R&B style that won many over back in ’09, though his hybrid rap-singing delivery in the verses does mark a return to monotony-the moments that he leans more toward one side than the other are his vocal highlights here. Fauntleroy does a nice job reinterpreting the iconic hook, staying true to the original and adding a soulful twist, whilst the sultry, minimal production works to further rework the track into something that closer resembles a slow jam than the angsty, attitudinal R&B vibe of the Destiny’s Child piece. It’ll get a couple of plays for novelty, but it’s nothing that’s going to hang around for too long.

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