Drake-5am In Toronto (Video)

On the audio’s release, I heralded this as Drake’s best release in years and that’s definitely still the case. Put it this way: it still gets plays in my car, which is more than can be said for most of his relatively recent work.

The video doesn’t necessarily do anything to embellish the track, but for a track of this ilk, it’s probably wise not to apply an unecessary layer of ‘storyline’. Instead, Drake’s simpler style is rightfully paired to a set of dimly-lit visuals, from monochromatics to dark club scenes, and that helps bring out the producton a little more whilst adding to the realism and believability of Drake’s raps. I’m obviously not forgiving him for his shower of (generally) terrible work that preceded this, but the simple, mostly natural clip wil go some way to restoring a few hip-hop fans’ faith in the guy. At least he isn’t throwing up gun fingers or threatening to ‘catch a body’ and such. Baby steps.

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