Domo Genesis-Drugs Got Me Spiritual ft. Remy Banks

With a great Dragonball Z reference on the artwork, Domo dropped off his latest release a few days back to celebrate the unofficial ‘holiday’ of 4/20. Of course, he’s known as the marijuana (and food) loving member of the Odd Future clan, but to many observers he’s also their most potent rapper, and hence this release should find a home in many libraries.

The combination of soft, airy synths, gentle strings and pillowy percussion makes for incredibly mellow listening, and it’s the type of production that’s perfectly suited to the smoker vibe he’s known for. Interestingly though, Domo doesn’t go via the easy route with a laidback flow, and instead comes with a touch of intensity in his voice, allowing his work to seperate from the production and enjoy plenty of individual spotlight; it’s a good performance on what many might have expected to be a throwaway smoker’s joint (sorry), and it helps to take it away from other tracks in this sub-genre of hip-hop. Remy’s performance is a little more relaxed, and contrasts well enough with Domo’s for some variety, though it’s Domo who’s the star here.

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