DJ Khaled-No New Friends (SFTB Remix) ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil' Wayne

dj khaled
Whilst I’m surprised Khaled has any friends, I’m going to assume SFTB (Started From The Bottom) is the inspiration for the track title given the ‘no new n*****’ line in the original. The intermittent samples of the track also sort of give it away.

Much like the last time most of this lineup came together, the verses are pretty forgettable and it’s all about Drake back on hook duty. Around 2010-11, he was certainly viewed as one of the go-to hook guys, but has scaled back that reputation in favour of contributing either guest verses or nothing at all; rare exceptions include Rick Ross’ Diced Pineapples, which was a nice reminder of his ability in that field, and this will undoubtedly bring the memories of that period flooding back. It’s a gentle and R&B-esque chorus, but is immeasurably better than those offered by today’s hook-heavy acts (looking at you Future), and benefits from surrounding verses with poor production and average verses. What’s that sound you ask? It’s women below 21 once again stroking the Drake posters on their walls (an adult female once told me SFTB was too “gangster”), and for that reason this will end up being a club hit this spring.

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