Dirty Beaches-Landscapes In The Mist

I’ll be honest: it’s the wrong time of day for this. However, it’s an excellent slice of good production, and hence you’re probably just going to have to deal with that.

Cinematic and dark in equal measure, the track is awash with atmospheric, ethereal synths at its core, creating a spaced-out, moody soundscape with grandeur. Sitting above that is a distorted saxophone, adding a sharpness that actually helps to drive this into a slightly more industrial style, evoking imagery (yep, here I go) of post-apocalyptic landscapes bathed in darkness. The freeform nature of the sax adds unpredictability too, and this is a piece of production that’s absolutely worthy of cinematic use, such is its depth and evocative nature.

Look out for Dirty Beaches’ Drifters/Love Is The Devil double LP on 21st May, whilst you can also catch him in a city near you with a tour of several UK locations between 5th and 12th May.

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