Daughter-Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

Wow. Take the summery, addictively-upbeat vibe of the original, and imagine its complete inverse. Doesn’t seem possible, and even if it does, it would be terrible right? Wrong.

Daughter have taken the infectiously positive song and completely shifted it into a gloomy daydream of a track, replacing the sharp percussion with minimal clips, swapping buzzing synths for those of an airy, gentle variety, and throwing in grave bass plucks. The combination is moody, relaxing and yet with an inherent intensity that adds fantastic depth and power to the original’s relatively easygoing, singalong lyricism; those features come via the vocals, which are part-delicate, part-emotional, and that mixture ensures those simple lyrics gain tons of atmosphere and gravitas. The track ends with an excellent instrumental finale, combining the darker elements of the production with a sharper, more energetic guitar to close things off in a satisfying manner, and it caps off a cover that really shouldn’t work, but completely does.

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