Daft Punk-Get Lucky ft. Pharrell

The fantastic Daft Punk’s return has been teased, trailered, and generally slowly delivered to a patient fanbase (and yes, that includes those who pretend to be “longtime” fans because they heard Discovery once), and after several fakes, their official ‘comeback’ single was released a couple of days ago.

Fans of The Hood Internet’s recent Justin Timberlake remix will be familiar with the primary melody here, with the funky guitar work providing an easygoing and bright centrepiece, accompanied by fairly unobtrusive and consistent percussion for a great summer soundscape. Pharrell laces that top layer with smooth vocals of his own, with his unique tones being a wonderful compliment to that warm production throughout as he cycles through various deliveries and levels of intensity, not least his highly-addictive hook. Daft Punk and Pharrell are a combination that absolutely makes sense on paper, and it definitely produces the goods here.

It’ll spawn a slew of more club-friendly remixes for sure (for better or worse), but this is one to enjoy laying around in the outdoors with a cold drink in your hand. Available on iTunes right now, and look out for Random Access Memories on 21st May.

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