Crystal Castles-Affection (Video)

The last track I posted from their (III) album late last year is now the first video I’ve managed to give a go, with this arguably being my favourite song of the bunch (I’ve heard so far).

In comparison with their other works, it feels much more relaxed, assured and less frenetic; simply put, it doesn’t require a lot of brainpower to process. The same can probably be said for the video too. The clip is part-show footage, part-roaming around in the wilderness, with the former a nice blend of dark surroundings and bright light pulses, and the latter a more uneasy watch, particularly the unsettling character hanging around in the mask. It’s a good representation of the audio in that sense, capturing elements of its positivity in with the slightly darker, more atmospheric side of the production, whilst the video ties the whole package together with a grainy, CCTV-like filter, much like Alice’s vocals bind the audio’s distinct styles.

If you haven’t already, grab that (III) album now.

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