Common-Congratulations ft. Cocaine 80s

And that summer music just keeps coming. Has someone finally told the industry that music should be seasonally-timed?

Common joins up with the rest of the Cocaine 80s collective for his first new release in quite some time. It’s a great effort too and certainly leans more towards classic than contemporary Common, with a mellow production that combines gentle melodies with pillowy, bassy percussion for a style that effortlessly lands somewhere between neo-soul, smooth jazz and a dash of vintage R&B. Of course, they’re all genres Common’s had no problem associating with in the past, and that throwback nature comes to the fore with his raps too, courtesy of his slowed-down, near-spoken word delivery talking to the listener rather than rhyming at them, a style remarkably similar to the material of his that many hip-hop heads grew up listening to. His storytelling ability has gone nowhere either, as this alternative tale of his friend’s wedding day expertly runs through Common’s internal monologues, observations and flashbacks to interactions with the bride. There’s a good touch of vocalising from the 80s team at the end to wind things down, and this is a superb slice of hip-hop that’ll make for good listening for the foreseeable future.

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