Clams Casino-Bookfiend ft. DOOM

mf doom
Admittedly, I’ve never really got into MF Doom’s works. That’s not down to a dislike for him, but purely because he’s got so much work in his catalogue, and the small bits I do own are certainly impressive.

It’s fair to say my fandom of Clams is much more pronounced-I’ve repeatedly named him as one of the better producers in today’s scene, and here he laces Doom with a tricky yet typically-deep production that requires some flexible work on the mic. The multi-layered production offers a vast range of sounds to clasp on to, whether that’s the offbeat melodies sitting on top or the background metronomy that the percussion provides, and whilst it won’t appeal to the casual listener, those with a penchant for complex, technically-tight work will enjoy this. With a slight upbeat quality in particular segments and darker, more atmospheric sections elsewhere, both benefit from a stream of consciousness rapping style from Doom, who moves between introspective thoughts, social commentaries and more in a slow delivery that pinpoints production highs to tame the rather wild beat. Once again, this won’t be for your everyday listener, but for those who want to appreciate a unique, technical piece of hip-hop, you can’t go wrong.

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