CJ Fly-The Error

cj fly
“My pro Capital STEEZ considered the Progressive Era as a contradiction and since he was my inspiration for this song I decide to make the title have deeper meaning too. We make the ERA, they make the error. So turn your speakers on max and listen carefully. Hope you love it #LONGLIVESTEELO”.

With Steez’s unfortunate passing a few months back, it seems CJ has really stepped up to be Pro Era’s next-best act after Joey Bada$$, and this release will do those claims no harm. Cookin’ Soul serve up a smooth production here, as the combination of vocal sample with strong and sharp percussion works to lay out a throwback production that fits the Pro Era bill nicely, as well as bolstering their own reputation as more than remix kings. CJ’s raps are a great fit for the contemplative, bassy production, with a good blend of introspection, ‘come-up raps’ and a dash of confidence, whilst his sharp, speedy flow makes the most of his commanding voice. There’s something a little Mos Def about this one, and I suspect he’ll get a raft of new fans on the back of it.

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