Cassie-Numb ft. Rick Ross (Video)

Cassie is finally gearing up to release a full-length project, the #RockAByeBaby mixtape (yeah, hashtagging titles caught on sadly), and with it set to land on 11th April we get the first set of visuals.

Slowly, she’s built herself as one of the better acts at delivering chillout R&B, via a unique blend of pop, soul and electro held together with mellow sensibilities. Combining airy synths with drifty melodies and pillowy bass, the production is a masterclass in laidback R&B, and full credit to whomever helmed the board work on this one. Credit goes to Cassie for picking a beat suited to her abilities, and her decision to vocalise in a slightly rapped delivery almost goes unnoticed due to her voice’s inherent synergy with the production, and hence her performance is one that definitely raises expectations for that tape. Even Ross’ verse is tolerable, with the production’s injection of sharper percussion supporting his rough tones nicely, whilst that drum line’s continued use further into the track helps maintain that momentum created.

The visual is as laidback as the audio, moving between minimal motion in monochromatics to short bursts of faded colour, with both capturing the mellow vibe of the song. Nothing else to distract you here, and it’s essentially camera time for Cassie surrounded by some smooth visual effects. A good audiovisual ahead of next week’s release.

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