Big Sean-Switch Up ft. Common

big sean
The second single from Big Sean’s upcoming sophomore album, Hall of Fame, and he recruits G.O.O.D. Music cohort Common for the first proper collaboration between the two (skits and joint features on other artists’ tracks aside).

The production combines upbeat melodies, distorted dashes of vocal sample and sharp, consistent percussion for a lively and relatively positive beat that complements Sean’s performance well. Whilst he’s his admirably arrogant self, there’s a little more playfulness about his raps here, particularly in the first verse with some fun lines that make the most of the positive production without compromising his favoured style. Common’s verse is a touch disappointing for a man of his calibre, with both his content and delivery being somewhat simple in following a similar track to Sean, and hence it’s a shame he didn’t approach this differently to stand out. With that said, it’s an easygoing piece of mainstream hip-hop that might make a dent in the charts, and will be a fun addition to a summer playlist.

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