Basement Jaxx-Back 2 The Wild

basement jaxx
If you’re anything like me (you are), you’ve obviously wondered what it might be like to have a massive rave in the middle of the rainforest. Right? Right. Whilst you ponder that concept, allow me to introduce the soundtrack to that party.

A superheavyweight groove that’s still catchy as hell, incorporating roaring lions, tribal horns recorded in Kenya and vocals by two Korean Seoul Sisters, Miss Emma Lee & Baby Chay, ‘Back 2 The Wild’ is a club monster that sounds like the Tom Tom Club headlining a Hackney Wick warehouse.‘. It’s got the hallmarks of some (not all) of Basement Jaxx’s most recognisable material, in that it’s highly chaotic but packed into a continuity that ensures it remains melodic and rhythmic despite that freneticism, and hence it’s pretty much perfect dance-pop-electro. With generous helpings of bass, the aforementioned traditional samples and those worringly infectious vocal bursts, this is a track that’s a surefire hit across clubs this summer, and I’m sure will need just one play to get you hooked. No confirmation on whether this is the precursor to an upcoming album, but you can buy the single below and ruin your neighbours’ lives.

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