Basement Jaxx-Back 2 The Wild (Video)

The sheer energy of this track has dominated my listening for the last few days, and it seems the veteran duo want to carry that assault over to your eyes with this vibrant set of visuals.

Remember that rainforest rave (still working out the logistics) I mentioned in the audio review? Imagine that instead of air, the rave was filled with LSD in gas form. That’s this video. It’s wild, there’s no doubt about that, and throughout it’s got all of the flora and fauna expected of a jungle scene, only they’re rather warped, psychedelic and frighteningly hypnotising. That’s not to mention a veritable bevy of fun and truly leftfield costume choices, and even with the total bizarreness overloading your eyeballs, it still manages to work well enough with the audio, such is the passion, fun and freneticism of the track. It seems they’ve tweaked the production slightly for this version too, with the tribal instrumentation brought out slightly more and the synths scaled back, clearly devised to emphasise the ‘natural’ scenery of the video, and it serves its purpose as this is an audiovisual that’s completely ridiculous and yet congruent with the character and positivity the audio oozes. Head over to iTunes for the download.

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