Austin Paul-Velvet EP

A huge talent emerging here, and one that could rapidly become a crowd favourite in the starved R&B scene. Coming from the same mould as the equally-gifted Steven A. Clark, Austin’s a talented vocalist with a penchant for smooth, atmospheric music that lands somewhere between neo-soul, modern-day R&B and electronic chillout, an ever-effective and hugely replayable mix.

Austin’s 5-track EP is a great introduction to the young singer’s work, from the futuristic, night pop aura of Felt It (Velvet) through to the softer, more introspective stylings of Loving Losing, and it’s clear within just a few listens that he’s got plenty of variety to his act. That’s all pinned together by an overarching mellow quality, one which relies more on darker moods and atmosphere than traditionally associated with laidback R&B, and hence it feels like a modern take on the neo-soul style, without sacrificing the inherent chillout and melodic nature of that genre. Notable too is the maturity of his voice, which certainly belies his tender years, and whilst it will draw comparisons with the likes of Miguel, John Legend and such, there’s a distinctness about it that should stand him in good stead going forward.

Stream the EP here, and download the tracks individually at his Soundcloud. Frankly, you’d be foolish not to give this a go: the likes of Austin and Steven are the future of R&B as far as I’m concerned, and you’d be well-advised to jump on this bandwagon early.

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