Ab-Soul-The End Is Near ft. Mac Miller

ab soul mac miller
Many are predicting a huge year for the TDE representative, and having started it strongly, Ab-Soul lets his latest solo release go.

Soul opens with typically watertight flows, with his delivery seemingly changing with every given sentence, and it’s a skilful display that moves between near-offbeat rhymes and beat-riding bars with consumate ease. That production certainly helps, with a minimal approach built up of thick percussion, intermittent dashes of ominous keys, and atmospheric vocal samples, with the end product being a relatively dark yet gently-paced production that allows for almost any approach in terms of flow. It’s an equal share of spotlight for Mac Miller on this too, who helms that production this under his Larry Fisherman pseudonym in addition to contributing a verse. Mac’s reputation amongst hip-hop fans has slowly grown with each release, and his work on this moody production, both on the mic and behind the boards, will endear him to many more; a smooth verse with a confident delivery does enough to make a mark on the track. A good effort from all involved.

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