A-Trak-Tuna Melt ft. Tommy Trash (Video)

You can always count on A-Trak for some badassery on the electro side of things, and once again he delivers with not only an excellent track, but a very likeable video.

So, let’s deal with the audio first. It’s once that wastes very little time in getting going, with chunky synths lines and thumping percussion paired together and thrown underneath a glitchy vocal sample that heightens the energy of the audio, before the track transitions into a more frenetic, stuttered bridge, and down into a set of sharp, jagged synths. It’s undoubtedly a dynamic production, and given the number of stages the track seems to go through, the sporadic use of the aforementioned vocal sample makes for a nice anchoring element to add some relative structure.

Remember Honda’s now-iconic Cog advert around 10 years ago? Prepare to have those memories come flooding back. A-Trak’s gone for a similar domino-style clip here, and though several artists have done similar videos in the intervening years, it’s been a while since it’s been done with as much colour and ingenuity as this. At the heart of its watchable nature is the fact it takes place throughout a normal house, using a good combination of items you’d probably find lying around and additional colourful pieces, and hence there’s something admirably ‘DIY’ about it. It’s fun for sure, and hence a good accompaniment to the track, which you can grab on iTunes now.

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