Yelawolf-Gangster ft. A$AP Rocky and Big Henry

One last leak before Yela drops off the (free) Trunk Muzik Returns project tomorrow, and it’s a solid effort that will likely raise expectations ahead of that release.

Much like the recent Way Out video, there’s a dark undercurrent here that suits Yelawolf down to the ground. With his penchant for storytelling and undeniable ability with a slew of rap flows, he’s versatile enough to have flitted around a few instrumental styles over the years; whilst he’s great on the lively, high-octane stuff, this darker vibe feels as though it should be his go-to style. Here, the natural energy of his voice complements the menacing percussion, police sirens and atmospheric synths well, whilst in return that intense backdrop supports his relatively light voice with a much-needed gravitas and seriousness. Rocky’s no stranger to these beats either, and his contribution is an enjoyable one, whilst Big Henry (who is new to me) gives a very good account of himself with a slick flow and grimy lyrics that fit the beat well.

A good all-round hip-hop jam, and hopefully the rest of tomorrow’s release is packed with this type of material.

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