Vondelpark-California Analog Dream (Video)

Soft, minimalist and easygoing, this single from the London trio has all the hallmarks of excellent mellow alternative music.

From the gentle dashes of guitar through to the unobtrusive percussion, it’s an instrumentation that’s completely geared to creating and nurturing a laidback sound. The guitar work moves from highly subtle in the verses to slightly more obvious in the anchoring hook sections, their inclusion being somewhat freeform throughout the track without ever breaking too far beyond the soft confines set, whilst the vocals are unerringly consistent in their relaxing, delicate nature. It’s a combination of great quality, and whilst it is a rather stripped-back instrumental, the level of synergy between the respective elements ensures creates a collective atmosphere that far surpasses the value of the individual parts.

The video’s a nice fit for the audio, interchanging between shots of the bands in front of a minimal landscape and brighter coloured effects and textures, the latter adding a healthy dose of richness to the visual with several syncing well with transitions in the song. A very enjoyable audiovisual, and look out for the Seabed album on 2nd April.

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