Tyler, The Creator-IFHY (Video)

The latest video from Tyler’s upcoming Wolf album, due out on Monday, and though the audio lists a Pharrell feature, he doesn’t appear in this clip. His contributions are all over the track though, from the classic N*E*R*D-style production through to the soft backing vocals, and of course his solo vocal addition toward the end-as a big N*E*R*D fan, there’s no doubt Tyler would have wanted to recreate the sound of the trio, and that’s done very successfully here.

Of course, Tyler’s own twist is put on the formula though, with his unique brand of introspective, female-focused rap (see She for a previous example) being a nice accompaniment to the production, with his baritone being a nice contrast to the light, easygoing beat.

Tyler’s good with delivering striking visuals and this is no different. Heavily laden with prosthetic make-up, Tyler opens with a sombre monologue, before we meet his fellow plastic doll and the tirade towards her begins. As they work their way through the dollhouse, the bright and vivid colours take further hold on the video and really enhance the positive, fun Pharrell production. The clip ends with the other side of Tyler’s coin, that being the aggressive, chaotic element, as he appends a seperate track (Jamba) to close the video out with some energy and wildness. A likeable watch supported by enjoyable tracks, be sure to grab Wolf in a few days.

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